Bald Hollywood - 5 Actors That Have Had Hair Transplants

Actors are not just competing for roles, but they are also competing for their hair. More importantly, they have to deal with changing appearances such as new found baldness! This can be detrimental to an A-list actor. 

So what is a celebrity actor to do? In Hollywood there is only one option: Hair Transplantation . 


Actors from years past, such as Jeremy Piven and many others, have had multiple procedures including strip procedures! The scars from strip surgery is clearly visible in some shots and may lead to the wrong kind of attention. Fortunately, many actors are using FUE procedures which can hide the visible stigmata of having had a hair transplantation. 


1. John Travolta 


Perhaps one of the most iconic actors from the seventies, eighties, and nineties! 

Top 3 All time John Travolta Movies:  

  1. Grease 
  2. Pulp Fiction 
  3. Face/off. 

Easily is one of the most successful actors of all time. 


He likely has had some sort of hair procedure since his hairline has changed tremendously. The main criticism is to keep his hair line looking natural. The overly straight hair line is consistent with a hairpiece or poor transplant leading to undue attention. 


2. Mel Gibson 


Mel Gibson Sure has went through his ups and downs in Hollywood, but were glad he has his hair back! 


3. Jeremy Piven 


Chicago Native Jeremy Piven looks way better with his hairline back! best Jeremy Piven role? Easily Ari Gold. 


4. Elton John 



5. Billy Bob Thornton 



The list goes on! Actors of all calibers have had hair transplant surgery. Their hair is their livelihood! Below is a list of other actors that have had hair transplants: 



Jude Law

Jason Alexandar

Matthew Mconaughey

Declan Donnelly

James Nesbitt

Hugh Laurie

Rob Brydon

Nicolas Cage

Calum Best

Christian Slater 


If you or anyone you know is considering hair transplant in Chicago, IL, contact us for a consultation!