Blake Horstmann's Scar: Did He Have A Hair Transplant?

Blake Horstmann has been all the talk in this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Blake’s hair is often complimented but recently some unflattering photos have shown a scar on the back of his head and side of his head. The question now is: Did Blake Horstmann have a hair transplant?

Source: Youtube Bachelor Nation on ABC

Blake’s Horstmann’s has a really nice head of hair really does have a nice head of hair! He has thick and healthy hair with sparse l damaged hairs. Since going with a shorter hair cut on the sides of his head, the camera has caught an apparent scar several times this season, and the internet has once again caught on.

Why is no one talking about Blake’s hair transplant scar? #BachelorInParadise

— AL (@MissSchliez) September 3, 2019

There are several possible causes of posterior scars along the back of the head. there are some procedures where a posterior scar is used such as otological and neurosurgical procedures. Basically, there is a good chance Blake Horstmann’s scar could’ve been from brain surgery. While this is definitely possible, typically these scars are locate slightly different.

Another reason for Blake Horstmann’s scar could’ve been from a hair transplant procedure. A lot of hair transplant clinics offer Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) which is the process of removing follicles by creating a large linear scar on the back of the patient’s head. FUT hair transplant procedures are one options for hair transplants in Chicago. The best hair transplant procedures are Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) which removes hair follicles individually one by one with high accuracy.

FUE hair transplant procedures require less downtime, and more importantly doesn’t leave you with a scar on the back of your head! It It is very possible Blake Horstmann’s scar is from a hair transplant procedure, and we are still waiting for an answer.

Source: ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise

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