Dr. Shah's Hair Transplant Report:

If you had a time machine to travel back to your full, luscious head of hair from your teenage years, would you?

On July 27, 2018, Dr. Anil Shah did just that. He embarked on his hair journey with his state-of-the-art ARTAS robot to redesign his thinning crown, barren temples, and receded hairline. Finally, with planning and preparation he conducted a successful transplantation of 1,027 hair grafts overall.

If you missed his live broadcast on his Instagram or Facebook, follow his Aesthetic Scalp website to see his transformation – it’s definitely worth the watch!

His transplant video demonstration provides every essential step of the process, from the ARTAS donor extraction to his PRP injections to Dr. Chughtai’s recipient site building to the final graft implantations. His procedure first kicks off with local anaesthesia injected to his donor area and recipient sites. You can imagine that all of these injections would give an unbearable ‘prickly sensation’ to the scalp, but his vibrating distractor device reduced the discomfort.

In the video demo, you can also find Dr. Shah enjoying his Pro-Nox gas, an analgesic equivalent to your dentist’s laughing gas.

The Pro-Nox machine is a gas-driven system that delivers a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to the lungs with deep inhalations, providing instantaneous relief to procedure anxiety. Remember, he video-taped the entire procedure, live! So a good dose of a gaseous relaxant was just his special trick to keep him camera-ready.

His modern-day time machine, the ARTAS robot, is the most compelling portion of his hair journey video.

You can visibly see the robot scan his scalp for viable hair grafts and pluck them with a precisioned angle. Even with the best surgeon on earth, you cannot find one with the intelligence of this robot. The profound benefit is extracting hair grafts in their anagen phase so they are ready to growth and flourish with implantation. Dr. Shah also received a PRP Treatment by his wife, Dr. Sameea Chughtai, who also built his hair recipient sites. Throughout the remainder of the video, you can see Dr. Shah’s hair technicians making his single-filed follicles and implanting them individually into Dr. Chughtai’s sites.

“The most important component of Hair Transplantation is not finding the best surgeon, but rather his team. The technology and expertise of the hair technicians is just as important as the surgeon who is directing. It makes for a ‘well-oiled machine’ that a hair surgeon cannot be successful without”.

Following the procedure, the hair journey is not over.

Dr. Shah is taking big strides to give his thousand-plus hair grafts optimal growth. He has taken Nutrafol herbal supplementation. Followed the appropriate cleaning precautions, and has used Hair Grow 9X to keep his newly-implanted follicles nourished. To this day, his grafts have produced up to 10mm of growth and we’re excited to follow the results of his journey back to youthful hair.