Elevate Your Look with Male Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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Men often focus on the hair on their head and forget how important thick and well defined eyebrows can be for masculine facial harmony. The power of thick and robust eyebrows cannot be underestimated. Brows had the power to enhance facial symmetry, define features and give the face a more masculine look.

Male eyebrow transplants have recently come into the realm of popularity as men realize the importance of having a strong brow. An eyebrow transplant can give a male fuller, more defined thicker brows.
Celebrities with thicker eyebrows are often deemed more attractive. The lateral brow fullness will create a sense of symmetry playing an important role in facial contouring and drawing attention to the eyes - giving way to a more youthful appearance as well.

Patients wanting to enhance their eyebrows the brow transplant is a safe and effective option. This revolutionary procedure involves the transfer of hair follicles from a donor area, which is typically the back of the scalp, and moving them to the eyebrow area. It involves extreme detail, exact artistry and precise placement and the final result is full, thick, natural and defined eyebrows.

At the helm of eyebrow transplant technology is the ARTAS Robotic system. The ARTAS is an innovative tool that streamlines the hair harvesting process with direct efficiency and unmatched precision. It was created to minimize scarring and improve the survival rate of the hair raft. The ARTAS system is truly unmatched and ensures the best outcome for patients looking to enhance their brows with minimal scarring or unflattering donor site marks.

Dr.Anil Shah treats the eyebrow transplant with the same attention to detail and patient focused care as his facial surgeries. His artful hand and skill makes him one of the best in the New York city area. He is consistently looking for new ways and top of the line technology to ensure his patients receive the best care and the best results.