How Long Does Swelling Last After Eyebrow Transplant Surgery?

Have you been thinking about getting an eyebrow transplant? Many choose to have eyebrow restoration at Aesthetic Scalp because their eyebrows are thinning or balding. Some choose eyebrow transplant surgery because they don’t like the shape of their eyebrows, and others may choose it due to a certain disorder, like a thyroid disorder or an autoimmune disease, that causes hair loss. In these cases, some men and women spend hours in the bathroom drawing eyebrows on or filling them in, or they often feel self-conscious out and about.

An eyebrow transplant can provide these men and women the freedom to feel comfortable without having to waste precious time in their day perfecting the look and appearance of their eyebrows. At Aesthetic Scalp, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah and board-certified physician Dr. Sameea Chughtai work diligently to help their Chicago, IL patients look and feel their best by performing state-of-the-art eyebrow hair transplant in their upscale office.

What is eyebrow hair transplant?

Today, many are focused on the beauty of eyebrows, so the eyebrow restoration procedure at Aesthetic Scalp has been increasing in popularity. Eyebrow restoration is a great way to enhance your overall facial appearance, accentuate different facial features, and show better facial expressions in the event you have little eyebrows.

Once you decide to get an eyebrow transplant, someone from our team will meet with you to begin mapping out the ideal shape of your eyebrows. In a private one-on-one consultation, based on your preference, along with the superior knowledge of our staff, we can help you decide on the shape of your eyebrows that will be flattering and fitting for your facial features. From there, we’ll extract the hair needed for your transplant, typically from the back area of your head, and perform your eyebrow transplant surgery using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. Most of our patients can expect their surgery to last between 2 – 3 hours.

What are the eyebrow transplant side effects?

After your surgery, someone from our Chicago, IL office will give you detailed post-op instructions. It’s important to follow these instructions diligently as they will help you receive the best possible outcome from your surgery and ensure a healthy recovery. Some common side effects of eyebrow restoration include:

  • Scabbing
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising

If you experience any of these side effects, you can rest assured knowing they are perfectly normal and will dissipate over time. Swelling and bruising will start to diminish about 4 – 5 days after your surgery, while you’ll likely start to notice that the scabbing will disappear within about a week. From there, the transplanted hairs will begin to fall out within about 2 – 3 weeks as the follicles make way for new hair, and your final long-lasting results will begin to be noticeable after about 4 – 6 months post-surgery.

Whatever the reason you choose to have an eyebrow transplant, this minimally invasive and safe transplant surgery is a great option to enhance the overall look of your eyebrows and accentuate your facial features. For more information on eyebrow transplant surgery or to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our incredible doctors, call Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL today.