How to Choose Brow Shape for Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

While your eyebrows serve many practical purposes, they're also incredibly important when it comes to the aesthetics of your face. The proper eyebrow shape should perfectly complement your face to bring out the features you love and conceal the ones you don't. If you're unhappy with the current state of your eyebrows due to thin or balding hair, eyebrow transplant surgery can be a great way to achieve fuller, more shapely brows. Our experienced doctors at Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL will work with you to create the shape and volume you've always wanted.

How does eyebrow transplant surgery work?

At Aesthetic Scalp, we utilize the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique for eyebrow transplant surgery. Using this method, we transplant select hairs from a donor site elsewhere on the body onto your eyebrows. The necessary number of transplanted hairs will usually be somewhere between 100 – 300 based on a number of factors, including your eyebrow shape and degree of eyebrow hair loss. Our Chicago, IL patients love this technique because there is no risk of scarring and the recovery process is extremely minimal. Before we can do any of this, however, our doctors must consult with you in order to decide which eyebrow shape will best fit your face.

How to determine your ideal eyebrow shape

Our talented doctors will use their expertise to find an eyebrow shape that perfectly suits your face. Each component of the eyebrow must be perfectly tailored to your face in order to enhance your appearance in the best possible way. The following are some of the best ways to shape the eyebrows for various face shapes:

  • Long face: This face shape is typically characterized as one that is roughly twice as long as it is wide. These face shapes benefit greatly from long brows with a minimal arch in order to add the appearance of width to the face.
  • Round face: When the length and width of the face are approximately the same, the face can take on more rounded characteristics. If this sounds like your face, high arches can be used to give it a bit more definition.
  • Square face: Faces with similar lengths and widths, but angular jawlines are often considered to be square in shape. In these cases, we usually recommend soft arches rather than angled brows in order to properly lift your face.
  • Rectangular face: Long faces with defined jaws have a tendency to look a bit rectangular. To avoid the appearance of an oversized forehead, it can be useful to have full eyebrows with a very slight arch.
  • Triangular face: If your jawline is wider than your forehead, you likely have a triangular face. The wrong brow shape can poorly accentuate this face, so it's important to soften these features with ample fullness of the eyebrows. The arches should be low and curved and it's important to avoid tapering the ends of the eyebrows downward.
  • Heart-shaped face: As the inverse of a triangular face, heart-shaped faces are wider in the forehead than the jaw. When determining an eyebrow shape for this face, it's important to keep the pointed chin in mind. To balance this out, it is usually best to have brows with soft and straight features.
  • Diamond-shaped face: These faces have a narrow forehead, which extends into broad cheekbones before continuing into a sharp chin. The goal for this shape is to give the illusion of greater volume in the upper and lower regions of the face. To achieve this, the eyebrows should be rounded and avoid any overly defined angles.
  • Ovoid face: Faces shapes like ovals are naturally symmetrical and, therefore, there is no need to use the eyebrows to change the appearance of the face. It is typically best to have natural-looking eyebrows without any harsh angles.

Gorgeous eyebrows for a gorgeous face

For many people, the face is one of the biggest areas of self-consciousness when it comes to their appearance, and the eyebrows are one of its most prominent features. If your eyebrows are thinning or balding, our team of doctors can restore and resculpt your brows through the use of eyebrow transplant surgery. To learn more, contact Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL today.