Is Bernie Sanders Balder Than We Think?

Senator and hopeful Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders is one of the 19 candidates running for a chance to be the Democratic Nominee for the November 2020 election.


Sanders in Washington on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Bernie had his fair share of national screen time while becoming the runner up candidate to Hillary Clinton in the Primary election in 2016. At age 78 years young, Bernie Sanders age doesn’t seem to be slowing him down in any way.

Bernie Sander’s hair always comes up in conversation because of the unique style he uses to conceal more of his head. We know Bernie Sanders has a combover but he probably has more of a combover than thought. If we had to give Bernie Sanders a Norwood Scale ranking we probably give him a Norwood 6, although he makes an effort to make it look closer to a Norwood 3.







Where are you on the Norwood Scale? Click on the image to find out more about hair loss!



Bernie Sander’s hair style utilizes a lateral sweep technique to move hair from one side to other. This creates the illusion of a hairline in the front of Bernie’s scalp.

Did you know?

Did you know that your age doesn’t matter when deciding to get a hair transplant? With advancements in the hair industry and accurate Robotic FUE hair transplant procedures, even Bernie Sanders could get a hair transplant!

Although his hair style is better than going bald, his energy is what really is the leading cause of gaining popularity amongst the youth.