Low Level Light Therapy Treatment

Life has become busier than ever so we like to offer convenient options for our hair patients. We offer an option of taking the in-office laser treatment to the comfort of your own home with the LaserCap! The LaserCap is a hat-insertable device that delivers a low-level light therapy to your scalp. This treatment is designed to utilize active light energy to stimulate the hair follicle at the cellular level. This process is known as photobiotherapy. Positive effects from light energy stimulation includes increased blood flow around the hair follicle, induced protein synthesis, and overall follicle size growth. Aside from photobiotherapy, a LaserCap also delays the hair follicle phases, keeping hair healthier longer. After the follicle has maximized its Anagen “growth” phase, it begins to regress (shrink in size) and enter Catagen “transitional” phase. The cell nourishment provided by LLLT causes the hair follicle in Catagen phase to remain “regressed” for a longer period of time. Keeping the follicle healthy with LLLT prevents it from entering the Telogen “rest” phase where the follicle prepares eventual shedding (in the Exogen phase).

Moreover, the LaserCap is a dome-shaped, hermetically sealed membrane that withholds 224 individual 650nm 5mW lasers. The advantages of this laser are the large number of diodes (a semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only) and the fact that it is mobile, allowing the patient to do everyday activities during treatment. The LaserCap fits inside most hats and is powered by a small belt-clip battery pack. The user can carry out almost any activity during use of the device.


Is LLLT safe?
The LLLT diodes utilized in LaserCap, Theradome, etc. are FDA approved for safety and have verified no adverse effects or long-term risks.
What is the wavelength intensity?

LLLT in an assortment of laser cap brands (LaserCap, Theradome, etc) delivers concentrated light around 680 nm (plus or minus 10 nm). This is because human tissues absorb red light waves specifically.

When do I see visible results with this treatment?

Noticeable results begin around 3 months of instructed LLLT use. Around 3 months, hair loss and shedding should be visibly reduced. Around 6 months, hair begins to embody a shiny and voluminous appearance. Around 12 months, renewed hair growth is visible. Timeline of results do vary by patient.
Can I use LLLT with medication therapies?

Yes it can be combined with other therapies for improved results.
Can I use LLLT to supplement my hair transplant procedure?

LLLT is encouraged for pre-op and post-op therapy with hair transplant procedures. Pre-op use can reduce the amount of shock loss hairs, or “traumatized” hairs from hair transplant extraction. Post-op use can nourish and heal freshly-implanted hairs for successful growth.
Who should not use LLLT devices?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use LLLT.
Do people of different ethnicities have the same success with this product?

On the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale, the LLLT devices have proven effective for lighter to medium skin populations, ranging in skin types 1 through 4. In preclinical trials, there was not a large enough subject group of darker skinned patrons to prove therapy efficacy of skin types 5 and 6.