Mathematical Precision in Hair Transplantation by Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai

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When patients are seeking hair transplantation treatment they’re extremely discerning patients who are seeking the absolute pinnacle of precision. Dr.Anil Shah and Dr.Sameea Chughtai understand this and are on the forefront when it comes to top of the line technology and innovation when it comes to optimal results for hair transplants. The doctor’s extremely specialized approach includes the World’s most advanced technology also known as the ARTAS robot. The ARTAS transformed the hair transplant industry by leveraging mathematical principles to create undeletable and the most natural looking hair

Hair transplantation is an extremely complicated process involving the extraction and transplantation of hair follicles but perhaps the most intricate part is the persis planning of the transplant pattern. If the transplant pattern is not correct the hair will not look natural. Dr. Shah and Dr.Chughtai both acknowledge the significance of mathematical detail in this planning process and only utilize the most sophisticated algorithm to ensure the optimization of the planning pattern.

The ARTAS Robot is truly a mathematical marvel. The ARTAS robot specializes in mathematics to perform the most natural hair transplantation with unmatched precision and unmatched accuracy. How this is achieved is the ARTAS deploys exacting algorithms to create perfectly imperfect harvesting patterns - making the extraction sites practically invisible to the human eye. So, the ARTAS robot uses mathematical algorithms to select only the most perfect hairs for transplantation- ensuring each hair follicle is perfectly placed to achieve the most naturally dense coverage. It’s the power of mathematics and technology that has revolutionized what people can achieve with hair transplantation with the ARTAS Robot.