Propecia vs Nutrafol - with Dr. Shah

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In this video, Dr. Shah explores the debate between Propecia and Nutrafol, two popular options for combating hair loss and promoting hair health. Propecia, also known as finasteride, acts as a DHT type two blocker, preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT and thereby reducing hair miniaturization. However, it comes with potential side effects like erectile dysfunction and mood changes.

On the other hand, Nutrafol offers a holistic approach with ingredients like Saw Palmetto, marine extracts, biotin, and ashwagandha. It works differently from Propecia but can still help manage DHT levels and improve hair quality, especially for women.

Dr. Shah recommends a combined approach for men, using both Propecia and Nutrafol to target hair loss from multiple angles. For women, Nutrafol's specialized formulation proves highly effective without the side effects associated with Propecia. Micro-dosing Propecia can also mitigate its potential adverse effects, offering a balanced solution for optimal hair health.

Ultimately, the choice between Propecia and Nutrafol depends on individual needs, preferences, and considerations. By understanding their mechanisms and nuances, individuals can make informed decisions to achieve healthier, fuller hair.

Propecia vs Nutrafol- with Dr. Shah

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Dr. Shah:

What's better, Nutrafol or Propecia? I would tell you if you can do it, do both. They work in completely different ways.

So first we'll talk about Propecia. That's all also known as Finesse Dried. There's a generic for a form that's also called proscar. Basically, this is a DHT type two blocker, and what that means is the hormone testosterone gets turned into DHT. When it gets turned into DHT, it can miniaturize your hair and make it smaller. And so this is one of the main factors why men lose hair is sometimes women as well called androgenic alopecia. So if you can block this transformation from testosterone to DHT and prevent that from going to the hair, you can theoretically have improvement of your hair and hair loss. The side effects of this though, this can cause erectile dysfunction, it can cause sexual dysfunction, it can loss, loss of libido, loss of mood, and so some men don't feel as confident with this. They feel like this and the side effect can be permanent in some men. The other thing we'll talk about is neutrophil.

Nutrafol is a branded product that's been put together and sourced really well. One of the products they have in there is Salt Palmetto. It's kind of a DHT blocker. Works in a different way than Propecia, but does seem to have DHT pretty good. Not as good as Propecia, but fairly good. Other things in there, there's going to be a marine extract that comes from the North Atlantic, not from Shark that seems to help with hair. There's biotin, which again, it's in the product, but I did talk to the founder of that and the only reason they put it in there is because people look for biotin. But in reality, biotin is not really that helpful for hair loss. It also has ashwagandha, which is an anti-stress hormone.

I think for men, Nutrafol is pretty good and is really good. I think for women. Nutrafol is amazing. It's a great product. You can see some amazing results with them, and Propa is not an option.

So if you're looking at hair loss, what's best for you? If you're a man, you should think about the combination of Propecia and Nutrafol. You're going to get both of them working in different ways to kind of really work with your hair loss. If you're worried about the side effects of Propecia, you can always micro dose that, and the normal dose is going to be around one milligram. You can go down to 0.5 milligrams or 0.3 milligrams so you can get the benefit of the Propecia. With n get less chance of sexual side effects. Nutrafol doesn't really cause side effects. Su palmetto, by the way, it's actually known as an aphrodisiac and actually can stimulate sexual activity and it also helps with hair loss, but it's not as much of a hair loss. Su palmetto as Propecia as much of a DXT blocker. For women, your true fault, there's a different formulation for women, tends to be even more effective. One side note is that if you did have laser air removal in your past, you might notice those areas kind of coming back. So it's one thing to look at and the effect gives you pause and then Propecia. You can't use it for your women. Too many side effects for that. It just doesn't only work for that.