Proper Hair Maintenance After A Hair Transplant

Proper Hair maintenance is paramount after undergoing a hair transplant.

The first few weeks are crucial for survival of grafts and future hair growth. Therefore, the following guidelines may help those who have or in the process of obtaining a hair redesign procedure.

During the first week, we ask our patients to use our own formulated hair growth formula, Hair Growth 9x which contains growth factors and other promoting agents to help keep both hair and grafts clean. The donor area can be cleaned with mild gentle shampoo on day 5. Style with a comb only (brush can damage grafts).

In the second week, Mild shampoo can be used on the donor area, while minimal amount of water, such as a cup size, can be be used on the rest of the hair. Avoid heavy contact with water on the hair graft sites since they are still sensitive.

The third week, Minoxidil or Rogaine, can be used to supplement hair growth and a gentle shower can now be had. Also, the use of a hair dryer is now permitted under the “cool” setting only. Hair products can be used, however, avoid the hair graft sites if possible.

During the sixth week, you can dye your hair and use any styling product. The use of chemical-free, natural and organic products is encouraged.