John Travolta and Hair Loss

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So recently John Travolta came out and said, Hey, guess what? I am keeping my bald head. I am no longer wearing hair pieces, wigs. And I'm super happy about this. So John Travolta is kind of an example of celebrities with hair loss and what could he have done differently?


So if we could go back in time, back to the "Welcome Back Kotter" days in the seventies. And Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta had amazing hair and it was a part of his identity. And like many of us, he didn't want to lose his hair. His hair loss just happened. It was part of maybe it was part of his genetic profile and stress. And he was predestined to lose his hair. And as a world famous actor, this was very stressful for him. So he did everything he could do, which was put on hair pieces and try to preserve what hair he had. And much of the audience would kind of ridicule and, and, and laughing and can tell he had a hair piece on. And I'm sure that affected him to some degree.


I would start with better hair loss management preventing him from losing his existing hair. That would be potentially starting him on something like a low dose Propecia, perhaps Nutrafol. Getting regular treatments of P R P and exosomes and preventing hair loss is one of the most important things that we can do. And if he was doing all of these treatments, he still might have had hair loss, but he may have been a better candidate for a hair transplant. And so like many of our patients who have higher Norwoods, like fours, fives, or sixes. Had he maintained his hair and done a transplant, maybe he would've been a two transplant, three transplant patient and had his existing hair. Either way, he looks great with a shaved head. I liked John Travolta from Grease and Pulp Fiction. And I'm not sure if it was his hair in pulp fiction. But I like him with hair, but I like him without his hair too.


So you know, for us trying to take-home a message, if you're young enough, preserve that hair, get those injections, take those supplements that you can that are right for your body and do those transplants. When, when necessary to someone who, who knows what they're doing, thanks.