Who Is A Good Candidate for Exosome Therapy?

Because having a full head of hair is deeply intertwined with our identity, and, in many cases, it has cultural significance, you may feel embarrassed or overwhelmed when you start to lose it. Hair loss can happen for many reasons, such as genetics, stress, autoimmune problems, illness, medications, hormone issues, hairstyles or products, and radiation therapy. No matter the reason, Dr. Anil Shah or Dr. Sameea Chughtai at Aesthetic Scalp will work with you to determine the underlying cause and develop the best treatment plan for you. In some cases, you may need additional medical assessment and diagnostic tests to help figure out the cause.

Our group wants you to feel happy and confident in yourself. If you experience hair loss, Aesthetic Scalp offers men and women a compassionate perspective, personalized care, and innovative treatment options, like exosome therapy. Please read through our blog to learn more about exosome therapy and schedule an appointment at our Chicago, IL office with board-certified doctors, Dr. Shah or Dr. Chughtai.

What is exosome therapy?

Exosome therapy utilizes regenerative medical techniques to help regrow hair. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles or particles that cells release naturally. These particles help cells communicate with one another and affect their function or behavior. Exosomes play a vital part in cellular communication and rejuvenation, which keeps them healthy. Though an exosome is not a cell, it provides a critical role in helping cells communicate and instructing them on how to act. Exosome therapy is an innovative procedure that harnesses the benefits of exosomes, encourages hair growth, and "wakes up" dormant hair follicles.

How do we perform exosome therapy?

We will complete a thorough assessment during your consultation and determine if exosome therapy is right for your needs. Often, we combine exosome therapy with other hair restoration procedures, and it can help Chicago, IL patients in the initial stages of hair loss. If this treatment is right for you, we will develop a personalized strategy that addresses your needs and schedule an upcoming appointment.

Before your procedure, we can harvest high concentrations of exosomes from stem cells. To help separate the stem cells and exosomes, we place the solution into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins at extraordinary speeds, which causes the exosomes to separate from the stem cells. Once ready, Dr. Shah or Dr. Chughtai can inject the exosomes into the scalp with a fine needle. If needed, we may apply a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. This minimally invasive treatment stimulates rejuvenation. You will also receive detailed aftercare instructions to help with discomfort, improve healing, and encourage regeneration.

Regenerative medicine for hair loss

We understand how frustrating it can feel to start losing your hair, especially as a woman. At Aesthetic Scalp, Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai want you to feel confident in your appearance. We proudly offer minimally invasive and surgical procedures. Dr. Shah and Chughtai feel passionate about their patients' needs and strive to provide excellent, personalized care. If you experience hair loss, please read through our procedure page about exosome therapy, watch our informative video about the treatment, and schedule an appointment at our Chicago, IL office to learn more.