Chicago, IL | Prepping the Donor Area for Artas Robot Hair Restoration | Aesthetic Scalp

In this video, Dr. Shah preps the area of this patient's donor area before the Artas 9X Robot performs an FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure.


Dr. Shah: Hi, Dr. Shah here. We're going to be getting the donor site ready for use with the ARTAS robot, so we're using a mixture today of lidacain and bicarbonate. We've marked the area. If we look over here and in the back we've kind of always marked the area in different areas. This area is kind of our sweet spot for here today. We're doing a smaller case today with hair. We've shaved ahead to kind of make sure that everything is ready and this is the area that has the most hairs for us to use with the robot. We're going to be doing mostly the temples today and kind of working our way through that area. We can see over here as we inject that we're using a vibration device to make sure that this is comfortable and this does a couple of things. Number one is going to anesthetize the area and number two and actually puts a little tension so that when we're using the robot it really makes it easier to facilitate removal on the grafts. The vibration device we use
distracts our nervous system. It can only really feel a couple of sensations. So this is going to feel vibration over pain. And what would you rather feel? Vibration or pain. There we go. All right, so we're working our way through there. Awesome.