Can Micro Punches Lead to Visible Scars?

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Does removing scalp lead to scarring in my hair. And will I be able to see it? It's a common question. So one of my secrets I revealed earlier is that I'd like to remove portions of someone's scalp. And the reason for that is it makes it much easier to cover the hair with the limited number of paragraphs that we can use in our lifetime. But one question we're concerned from our patients is will I be able to see these little micro punches and scallops and sites in my experience, the answer to that is no, we have not seen any issues with scarring, blood supply issues or any of the, of the like, and one of the reasons for this is several studies have looked at the sizes of punches and whether or not they're going to leave a scar. This cutoff is around 1.5 millimeters. So if you have a punch size, smaller than 1.5 millimeters and minor, less than one millimeter, you're probably not going to have a scar. Furthermore, we're not just leaving this punch site, we're actually filling it in with the hair. So the fact that we have the hair filling it in, plus the small punch size means it's really unlikely that you're going to have any scarring or abnormal appearance on your scalp.