How often should I get exosomes or PRP?

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How often should I get PRP and exosomes? This is a question that comes up a lot, and it's really kind of a soft spot in science. PRP studies have shown, you know, they think three sessions or more where you start to see yields that benefit in my practice when we've looked at trichoscopy I think it's probably closer to five treatments. Maybe more for men, exosomes. UI think in our practice, we see that a lot of our patients will see a benefit with one treatment, but most need maybe three, sometimes four. So the question is, how many treatments do I need? Does this last forever? How often should I get this done? So I think if you're thinking about PRP, this should definitely be a much more often than you think type of thing. Uthe best results for PRP are often going to be in combination with some sort of pharmacological therapy.

And I think Nutrafol and, or Finasteride, if you were a post childbearing male, I say childbearing. I mean, you're not, obviously you're not going to be the children, but you're, you're done having kids maybe I should pay pro creating male. So that being said PRP, I think ends up being one of those things that ideally you do monthly every, every month. And that should be either three times to infinity. If you're looking at that is your standard treatment of growing hair exosomes. I think you can space that out a little bit more. I think if you're thinking of doing a series of three, I probably would do them kind of every month for a series of three. Some of our patients who do these things called mini exosomes, they do them basically on regularity, like every, some do it every two weeks, some do every month, it's much more cost-effective and the results you see with that frequency and regularity, it's pretty phenomenal because you're basically, you're getting constant signals to your head, to regrow hair, regrow hair.

And I think exit jumps, as I said in previous podcasts, are much more powerful than PRP. So how often should you get it? I think if you're thinking of starting out with exosomes, maybe three times a year seems reasonable if you're doing full exosomes, I do think you need to maintain this every year, if not something you could do. And all of a sudden your hairs at some point are going to lose that signal. They're going to lose that dry to kind of keep themselves alive. So you're going to want to kind of constantly maintain this, but you can space this out. I think three times a year would be the minimum. I would suggest but it's a good way to stimulate your hair. And one way that I think actually does work.