The Hardest Hairstyle to Wear (& Why Dr. Shah Wears It)

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Okay. So you're a guy and you want to cover your receding hairline. What do you do? Well, there's lots of things you can do. You can wear your hair to the side. You can cover it forward. You can do a Caesar cut, um, as Caesar as, and Julius SU Caesar, um, uh, there's lots of things you can do to cover receiving your hairline. But what would you say is the hardest hairstyle to wear? In my opinion, it's anything that's slicked back because if you slick back your hair, you basically are seeing your hairline in its full glory. No way to hide that. Um, and very few people can put their hair slicked back and have it look good. Uh, someone will wear their hair in a ponytail even, and they're talking women, not even men.

And when they put their hair back, you'll start to see temporal recession, larger foreheads, um, see through on their hair. And so for men to wear your hair in a slick back fashion is very difficult. Uh, you have to have your hair sh your head shape your hairline. No. See through your temples have to look good, and basically you have to have no hair recession. And what I do is I wear my hair back in a drawn back man, bun, ponytail, very difficult to do, uh, because my whole hairline is on display and I'm doing this now. I'm not sure I'm gonna keep doing this forever. Um, can I go through hairstyles pretty fast? Uh, but the benefit of this is patients can basically see my hair transplant and they can see where my hairline's at. And there's really nothing for me to do to hide it.

If I wanted to, I could put my hair to the side, I could move it to the left, move it to the right, cover things up, but that's not what I do. Um, and, um, the goal of this, um, and the goal of men getting hair transplants is to be your most confident version of yourself. So if you don't wanna wear your hair, your back in a man bun, like I do don't um, if you wanna wear your hair to the side, grow it up, make it shorter. Great. Go for it. Um, the easiest way to wear your hair is to go with a shorter hairstyle. If you're losing your hair, because then everything just looks shorter and kind of flows together, hardest way longer hair, hair back. Um, and that's why I have my hair like that. Um, but I'm not sure I'm gonna keep it like that forever, just because I guess sick of hairstyles.