Who Is A Candidate for ARTAS iX Site Making?

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So I talked about who is not a candidate for ARTAS site making. Let's talk about who is, so patients, you have loss of hair and Le hair density. I think they're fantastic candidates for ARTAS, um, site making. And that's because the ARTAS has the ability to preserve hairs and go in between those hair. So if you're worried about your hair density, you want thicker hair and you wanna go in between those hairs. I think the ARTAS iX is gonna do a better job than any human can actually do. So that's a, that's a great way of doing that. Uh, the second patient is a good candidate is patients who are willing to shave their heads, who have a shorter hairstyle, um, shaving your head. You don't actually have to shave your head. You have to go to about 1.5 to two millimeters. So if you wear your hair with a shorter hairstyle, it's not a big deal, but if you have really long hair, you're probably not gonna want to, um, uh, do that.

If, if, if it's gonna give you that downtime to give you that anxiety for that, um, uh, the other reason you might want to do our ARTAS iX site making is if you shave your head, all of your hair kind of grows at that same length. And we see patients when they kind of grow together, it actually becomes a little bit easier over the next few months to see that hair kind of come up and come together. Um, so that's another person I think would be a good candidate for ARTAS site making. Um, so, um, in general I love the ARTAS, um, IX for site making it's the best hands down for our harvesting graphs. And then for site making, we use it in select patients. Um, and in those select patients, um, it does the job outstanding.