Chicago, IL | Formula For Success: Rhinoplasty | Aesthetic Scalp

Rhinoplasty is the procedure where the nose is reshaped so that form and/or function of the nose is changed. Without question, rhinoplasty requires a surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery of the face. Dr. Anil Shah has a unique approach to rhinoplasty, based not just on developments he has published in the scientific literature, but many techniques which have not been described elsewhere. His expertise in rhinoplasty is seen in the large amount of patients who travel from all over the world to have Dr. Shah perform their surgery. He is trusted by “beauty insiders” for his keen aesthetic eye. As a testament to his quality of work, Dr. Shah is one of the most requested rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. Last year he performed 308 rhinoplasty procedures, putting him in the top 1% of plastic surgeons internationally.