Chicago, IL | Nonsurgical Rejuvenation with Facial Filler | Aesthetic Scalp

This wonderful patient came in seeking nonsurgical rejuvenation of her face. See if you can see the difference that subtleties that facial filler can change in the face. The patient felt like she looked tired and needed a little facial oomph. First notice how I changed her brow by putting filler underneath her right and left brow, raising her eyebrow, and bringing more dimension to the eyes. I then put filler underneath the eye using a microneedle technique. I also lifted her nose, using a high G prime filler, changing her profile. As a patient that had a previous rhinoplasty not performed by me, the patient’s nose was not given enough projection and she felt it looked droopy and lifeless. Finally, I added to the patient's chin to give her a more point of emphasis and improve her jawline, giving her an overall more youthful appearance.