PRP vs. Exosomes- With Dr. Shah

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Dr. Shah:

We're going to compare two things, PRP, and Exosomes.

First of all, let's define what they are. PRP is called platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma means you take your own blood, it's drawn out and the blood is separated. When the blood is separated, you're going to get platelet rich plasma, so the platelet rich plasma.

What happens is when you inject these platelets, whether it's for hair or in the face, it releases these growth factors, these platelet activating factors that could potentially help your body heal in a way that's different. And for hair, it can potentially stimulate growth of your hair or the face. It can potentially stimulate more collagen.

The counter to this or other use of this is going to be something they called Exosomes. Exosomes come from another person. They come from outside the body easily, from a heavily screened individual. And Exosomes are basically, when we have these two different cells, they send these little exosome messages back and forth. So we want to know what the exosome work comes from. Is it coming from bone marrow? Is it coming from fat? Is it coming from where in the body? And depending on what these messages are and who it came from, it could definitely upregulate things. So for skin, that could be a good thing. If it's coming from a youthful person trying to create more stem cells, more skin turnover, more youthful effects. And same thing for hair.

The hair has these little things called dermal papilla. And these growth factors can help those hairs tell them, Hey, guess what? Don't die. Stay around. What do I think is better? I think for hair, I tend to be biased with exosomes, it hurts less, you don't have to worry about getting an extra stick somewhere from drawing from your veins, and it tends to be more effective.

I don't think it's as effective as people think it is. There's some examples of patients without any hair and they're coming back with a she like mine and it's not going to happen. But you can get some hair growth from that. And again, if you're thinning your frown thinning on the top of your hair, male or female, I think that's a great way of treating it for the face. I think I still am going to be biased towards Exosomes. I think patients with lasers can heal a little bit faster with exosomes than they can with PRP.

And again, there's a little bit more of a stem cell effect, but it really depends on what exosomes you're using. PRP for hair is okay, but most patients need to get four or five PRPs to equal one Exosome and I think safely with a face. If you normally heal 14 days with a laser, exosomes might cut down to two days. PRP might cut that down to three days or four days.