Chicago, IL | Understanding Regenerative Medicine For Hair Restoration | Aesthetic Scalp

Understanding regenerative medicine can be compared to growing grass. To help grass grow after planting, you would need to help it along with fertilizers and growing nutrients. Regenerative medicine is similar in that sense. After receiving a hair restoration procedure, to ensure the best outcome for a fuller head of hair, we use regenerative medicines such as growth factors and PRP. This would ensure quicker healing, reducing the chance of shock loss and ensure the survival of implanted hair.


Dr. Shah: Okay, so we're talking about hair and grass and some comparisons between the two. Now obviously our hair is not like grass, but there are some similarities. One of the biggest topics in hair has been regenerative medicine. So with regenerative medicine, we actually attempt to use things like growth factors, PRP, and other treatments to help to stimulate the scalp so that the hair will grow. In analogy here is with grass. So with grass, if you just plant grass and leave it alone, it kind of needs other things, they kind of need other resources and nutrients. And it's the same thing with hair. If you sorta just put hair there, especially in barren areas of the face, areas that have been desiccated, areas that have inflammation, your success rate is going to be much lower. So not only can regenerative medicine help to hairs, you put in there, it can actually help spontaneous hairs come back and your existing hairs look better.