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Exosomes are the latest and greatest in regenerative medicine. Exosomes carry information and genetic code from cell to cell. They have been shown to help stimulate hair growth and revive skin. Today, I am getting injected with exosomes to help stimulate and grow some miniaturized hairs!


Dr. Chughtai: We have some exciting new technology that we're bringing to the practice and they're called exosomes. Exosomes are communications between cells.

Dr. Shah: And so the way that works is basically cells talk to each other and imagine a cell talking to another cell through an envelope, and they send a message of what they want to do. Those, the way they talked to this letter envelope, it's actually an exit zone. What this could do is potentially up-regulate care. Now in mice models. Basically mice without any hair can have a full head of hair. It doesn't look like a chia pet. It's actually a mouse. And anyways, so we're going to be injecting exosomes. I believe this is the first injection of exosomes. This is an off label use of X or zone. So I'll go, I'm not sure there's any on-label uses of extra cells. So basically what we're gonna try to do is up-regulate my hair. As you may have known, I had a hair transplant. I went with that August last year. And so we're going to try to kickstart some of the Harrison here, but more importantly, we're going to try to do with some of the pairs that are miniaturized. It might be hard to see in my hair, but there are little areas that I'm worried about miniaturization, so we're going to be kind of focused on this whole area with this. This is an alternative to PRP, which I've had both forms.

Dr. Chughtai: PRP triggers the hair to stay in the growing phase, so it does stimulate hair growth as well.

Dr. Shah: And PRP, I've had both forms including Selphyl and that our version of PRP, and this will be actually as zones.

Dr. Shah: I just got injected with exosomes. I'm just kind of, my observations would be objective with lots of different things. It burns a lot less than PRP. You know, the regenerative potential of exosomes is much greater than PRP as well. So that's another benefit. And the other cool thing is I didn't have to get my blood drawn, which I said it's a big deal, but lots of times it can be a kind of a pain to get your blood drawn, which I don't love getting extra sticks. So, you know, from an injection standpoint, I actually thought it was easier.

Dr. Chughtai: The exosomes were easy to inject. It flowed nicely through a 30 gauge needle.

Dr. Shah: But overall, I think easier than PRP. I'll keep you guys updated on how my hair comes along and some of the miniaturization. Thank you.

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