Best of the Best: Deciding Between PRP, PRFM, or Exosomes

There is a lot of talk about regenerative medicine with hair. Many patients will ask about PRP but some will ask about PRFM and very few will ask about exosomes. So, what is the deal with each of these treatments and which is the best?


So first of all, PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is essentially your blood which is processed to superconcentrate platelets. After the blood is drawn it is injected into the scalp.

PRFM which is also known as selphyl is essentially PRP with a matrix. It stands for Platelet rich fibrin matrix. The benefit is that since the PRP is on matrix it can stay in the area longer and may have even more results than PRP alone.

Both PRP and PRFM act by the platelets activating a stimulating cascade leading to the body sending growth factors to the area. Both require a blood draw and use your own blood to create the effect.

Exosomes are essentially, a small messaging molecule which is created in a lab. These molecules are much smaller than cells and help direct cells and how to act. For the case of hair, exosomes are able to encourage more hair growth to hairs which might want to shed or miniaturize. We offer several varieties including full exosomes and mini exosomes or known as Mini X.


Regenerative medicines differ from each other based on different factors. Here is a helpful chart that helps our patients understand the differences between our regenerative treatments.

Of course, the best course of action after understanding what these treatments are is to meet with the Doctors of Aesthetic Scalp. Their years of experience will help put you on the right path to restoring your hair to its youthful appearance.

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