Chicago, IL | Dr. Chughtai's battle with hair loss | Aesthetic Scalp

Dr. Chughtai discusses her young adulthood battle with hair loss.


Dr. Chughtai: Hi, Dr. Chughtai here today. I wanted to talk to you about one of the reasons why I'm passionate about hair. When I was in my 20s, I had a blood disorder and I needed to take a medication for it. This medication was a steroid and when I finished this steroid, I started to lose my hair. Being in my 20s, it was quite traumatic and I didn't think it was going to come back. I thought I was going to lose all of it. I had gone to see many dermatologists. In the end, my hair came back, but I can empathize with my patients who have hair loss and their hair doesn't come back, and how it can affect a person both emotionally and socially, and how desperate a person can feel thinking that their hair isn't going to come back.